Strategy & Approach

Investment focus and return

Maas Capital has a flexible investment mandate towards the wider maritime industry both in terms of sectors and ticket size >USD 25m.
On portfolio level Maas Capital Shipping targets a long-term stable 15% - 20% return.

Investment strategy

Co-invest / partner-up with best-in-class owner/operators in fully aligned equal partnerships and sectors with solid risk/return dynamics.

  • Shipping: Anti-cyclical acquire high-quality liquid tonnage with a clear secondary sales market, operate the vessels efficiently with the best – in class operator/partner await a cyclical upturn to exit
  • Offshore energy (wind and oil & gas): MC aims to take advantage of the current market dynamics by acquiring high-end vessels/units in: 1) markets with barriers to entry and/or 2) distressed markets with clear risk/return benefits
  • Intermodal: Yield driven investment by optimizing the financial structure in the dry/reefer and tank container spaces. Other specialized portfolios may be considered on a case-by-case basis
  • Infra: infra related projects that could have a lesser straight-forward exit market but will make the returns through running-yield (e.g. cement shipping, initiatives backed by sovereign grants, port related infrastructure)

Typical Maas Capital Approach

  1. Identify the segments offering attractive investment opportunities;
  2. Articulate an investment strategy in the respective segment (assets type, age, commercial strategy, product, leverage);
  3. Identify (list) potential partners to partner with;
  4. Pitch MC’s view and approach;
  5. Based on feedback proceed a/o adjust the investment thesis.