About us

Knowledgeable and trustworthy investor

Maas Capital holds a unique position in the shipping and offshore industries

  • Dedicated and focussed investor
  • Maas Capital exercises meaningful stake alongside its top tier co-investors, majority or minority in markets with strong underlying fundamentals
  • The fully aligned partnerships with a strong governance model, have pre-agreed holding period and exit criteria
  • Formal control is exerted through Board positions and Shareholder reserved matters, being acquisitions, investments, financing, commercial operations and exit discussions
  • Strong reliable shareholder

Basis for investments

  • Adaptable and agile approach to capitalize on market opportunities
  • Returns come from a well-regulated pre-determined investment framework
  • The anti-cyclical investment strategy is based on historic TCE earnings and asset prices
  • JV is positioned to act quickly and decisively when attractive opportunities arise


Seven dedicated professionals

The team consists of industry experts with a vast network in both the shipping and offshore segments. The setup amplifies the industry knowledge, intelligence and network,- leverage on the network of multi-generation family-owned owners/operators.

Managing Partner
Sr. Investment Manager
Investment Manager
Investment Manager
Investment Associate
Investment Associate
Office Manager

Mark Ras

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