Maas Capital Partners

Dedicated and specialized equity provider to the wider maritime industry




Anti-cyclical acquire high-quality liquid tonnage with a clear secondary sales market, operate the vessels efficiently with the best - in class operator/partner await a cyclical upturn to exit.

Offshore energy

MC aims to take advantage of the current market dynamics by acquiring high-end vessels/units in: 1) markets with barriers to entry and/or 2) distressed markets with clear risk/return benefits.


Yield driven investment by optimizing the financial structure in the dry/reefer and tank container spaces. Other specialized portfolio’s may be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Infra related projects that could have a lesser straight-forward exit market but will make the returns through running-yield (e.g. cement shipping, initiatives backed by sovereign grants, port related infrastructure).

Maas Capital

Who we are

Maas is an engaged and experienced Team focussed on maritime, intermodal and offshore investments. In Maas you will find a true Partner to develop, expand and grow your maritime business. We are discerning in who we work with and seek only the best and most reputable people in the business to cooperate with. Focus is on companies with outstanding technical capabilities, commercial acumen and financially resourceful. Maas currently has about 16 investments across the shipping, offshore and intermodal segments. We have a track record and understand the volatility and risk of the varying markets we operate in. We understand and are able to carry these risks, together with our Partners – we do not panic and communicate openly and directly. The investment strategy including commercial and financial,  is tailored for every investment for the specific asset class for the specific point in the cycle. Focussed on a balanced approach and maintaining a portfolio that generates superior returns for our shareholders.

We develop and maintain long term relationships that are build on trust – we say what we do and do what we say. ‘’